דער סוד פֿון מײַן האַרצן
 לידער פֿון טשערנאָװיצער פּאָעטן און קאָמפּאָזיטאָרן


About the program


This program includes songs of different genres: love songs, philosophical ruminations, lullabies, and dancing songs, which all share one common trait – at least one of the song's authors has or had some strong connection to Czernowitz, once a part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and Romania, and now known as Chernivtsi, a beautiful town in modern-day Ukraine. Czernowitz is well known for its many diverse and important contributions to Yiddish culture, but few people realize that Czernowitz was also a birthplace of modern Yiddish song. It was in the cafes of Czernowitz that the songwriting and singing career of Velvl Zbarzher took off, and in the very same cafes young Avrom Goldfaden met Velvl Zbarzher and was inspired to start writing his own songs. One of the very first Yiddish song collections was published in Czerrnowitz in 1881 by Dovid Apoteker. In the last century, an endless inspiration for song was found in the poetry of Itzik Manger, whose rhymes have been set to music by dozens of composers. The program tonight includes some lesser known and more recently written works by poets and composers from the cradle of Yiddish song.

The program is dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the First Yiddish Language Conference in Czernowitz and to the 600th birthday of the city of Czernowitz.


Asya Vaisman


From the “Czernowitz Melodies” series by Alexander Vaisman


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