דער סוד פֿון מײַן האַרצן
 לידער פֿון טשערנאָװיצער פּאָעטן און קאָמפּאָזיטאָרן


Authors of the songs


Moyshe Beregovski (1892-1961) prominent ethnomusicologist and folklorist. He collected and described several thousand pieces of Eastern European Jewish folk music. In 1944 he organized a research expedition to Czernowitz to collect songs from ghettos and concentration camps.


Efim Chernyi  (1959) Yiddish singer and songwriter from Kishinev. He is the musical director and soloist of the Yiddish Song Theater in Kishinev and an active participant in the European klezmer scene.


Shike Driz  (1908-1971), Yiddish poet, born in Ukraine, lived in Moscow. He was most famous in the former Soviet Union for his children's poetry, which was translated extensively into Russian and became an integral part of the Russian children's canon.


Dovid Einhorn (1886-1973), Yiddish and Hebrew poet, playwright, publicist, and literary critic.  Known for his poetic innovations, Einhorn was one of the first poets who introduced free verse into Yiddish poetry.


German Goldenshteyn (1934-2006), clarinetist and musicologist from Bessarabia, who immigrated to the US in 1994, bringing with him a vast repertory of authentic klezmer tunes. In his later years, he enthusiastically taught young klezmer musicians from all over the world.


Meyer Haratz  (1912-1993), Yiddish poet, essayist and editor. He grew up in Bessarabia, lived much of his life in Czernowitz and moved to Israel in 1972. The first part of the concert consists of songs written to his poems.


Rokhl Korn (1898-1982), Polish and Yiddish poet from Galicia. Shortly after World War II, she emigrated to Montreal. Her poetry is known for its nature imagery.


Leibu Levin (1914-1983), composer and performer from Czernowitz, moved to Israel in 1972. He set many Yiddish poems to music. He translated the poems of Selma Meerbaum-Eisinger into Yiddish.


Selma Meerbaum-Eisinger (1924-1942), German Jewish poet from Czernowitz who died in the labor camp Mikhailovka during the Holocaust at the age of 18.


Kadya Molodowsky (1894-1975), Yiddish writer born in Byelorussia, lived in Warsaw and New York. She wrote poems, novels, short stories and plays, many of them for her pupils in Yiddish secular schools.


Beyle Schaechter-Gottesman (1920), Yiddish poet, songwriter and singer who grew up in Czernowitz and came to the US after the war. Her poetry and songs are collected in many books, songbooks and recordings.


Asya Vaisman (1983), Yiddish singer and songwriter, was born in Czernowitz and lived in Moscow before moving to America. She is currently working on her PhD dissertation at Harvard on the Yiddish songs and singing practices of Hasidic women.



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